A Dummy’s Guide to Formula 1 in Austin



I was sitting next to a group of McLaren fans from the UK and they hung these flags.  A little further down, a Ferrari flag was hung.



They also had these awesome hats!  They did not wear them during the race though so as not to obstruct peoples’ views.
In between the various practice and race sessions, everyone ventured out to buy swag.  Out by the pond near the main entrance to the track were the team merchandise trailers.  Bring cash, a lot of it, because they don’t take credit.  I was eyeballing a nice short sleeve, button-up, collared McLaren shirt but it was $100…. Yeah… too rich for my blood.
The lines for food were looooooong.  Again, bring cash as the many of the vendors did not take credit.
There was some entertainment in the form of dueling pianos while waiting.  A DJ was setup up by the entrance along with a music stage set up in the far-off Turn 11 to keep people entertained. 
In roaming around in search of food options, I hung out around the Turn 19 General Admission area.  Off in the distance, you can see the entry and exit of Turn 1. 


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