A Dummy’s Guide to Formula 1 in Austin



These are some of the historic F1 cars going into Turn 20.  The site lines around the track are pretty good where you can see multiple parts of the track, even from the GA sections.  The designers did a really good job of allowing people to see multiple sections of the track regardless of their seating location.
In the morning, Krispy Kreme was quite popular.
Kimi says…
After eating and drinking, and there was a lot of drinking in this crowd apparently, one needs to use the potty.  Fortunately, there was no shortage of porta potties.  No waiting!
The helicopter pilots getting you all the amazing race footage are nuts!  Watching them track the cars around was pretty amazing.  I don’t remember the stat exactly, but apparently around 70 helicopters were brought into Austin to ferry people to and from the track.  There was constant helicopter traffic over the city during the race weekend.  Hey, part of F1 consists of the social elite; you don’t think they’d sit in regular traffic like regular people do you?


For the regular people, Austin set up a shuttle bus service.  I heard the lines to get on the shuttle at the end of the day were upwards of an hour to an hour and a half, but the actual travel time to the remote parking lots was only 30-45 minutes.  Austin did set up live music at the shuttle pick-up location to keep people entertained.
Hey, it’s Texas, what did you expect would be in the parking lot?


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