AEM Electronics Announces Performance EV Products Brand – AEM EV!

AEM Performance Electronics charges into the performance EV segment.

AEM Performance Electronics is launching AEM EV, its new Performance EV Controls brand, and initial suite of performance electric vehicle control solutions. The AEM EV mission is to deliver products that simplify the EV conversion process and provide powerful control for EV motorsports applications that are intuitive and simple to use. The AEM EV brand allows the company to differentiate its EV performance products from its existing and future performance products for internal combustion race engines.

“I speak on behalf of everyone at AEM when I say we are incredibly excited to develop and launch AEM EV”, stated AEM President Greg Neuwirth. “The EV segment is growing rapidly, from OEM development to conversions and of course, in motorsports. We recognize the challenges that builders and tuners have incorporating this new technology, and we believe our motorsports background combined with our experience in vehicle control systems will allow us to deliver EV products that make integration easier for builders and enthusiasts, without any compromise in safety, regardless of application.”


EV West specializes in EV conversions and will be a key partner with the development of AEM’s performance oriented EV products. Photo courtesy of


Under the AEM EV brand, the initial rollout includes two Vehicle Control Units (VCUs) that will deliver motorsports-ready EV tuning capabilities through a simplified, user-friendly interface, a powerful 8-Channel Power Distribution Unit (PDU) module that provides mounting flexibility through the ability to daisy-chain up to eight units together over a CAN bus network and a CAN-based switch panel. Working versions of these systems will be on display at the 2019 PRI Show in Indianapolis IN, December 12th-14th in booth 2101. AEM EV will reveal additional products in the near future.


Napolean Motorsports has been leading the charge in professional drifting with their electric Camaro.


AEM is fortunate to have partnered with several key players in the EV segment upon its decision to enter the EV market. Cascadia Motion, EV West, Hancock and Lane, Pat McCue and MLe Racecars, and Napoleon Motorsports have all played a critical role in the ramp up of the AEM EV product line. Release of AEM EV’s first round of products is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.



About AEM:
AEM creates innovative new products that set the standard in the performance aftermarket, delivering the highest level of product integrity and making advanced technologies accessible to the racing masses. They believe a positive customer experience is the key to their success. They achieve this success by delivering products that produce an exceedingly high level of gratification. They have a deep appreciation for every racer, enthusiast and distribution partner who chooses to trust their products and will always strive to provide an unparalleled customer service experience. They will evolve to meet the support needs of their customers and will put their customers first. AEM will continue to set the standard for service and support in our industry.


  1. Not gonna lie, I love EVs, the instant torque is addictive as hell. I have 2 e-bikes that are basically today’s mopeds. Odorless, silent, torky mopeds without plates. And going 40mph on skinny tires with rim brakes is the limit for my size of testicles.

    I would love a light miata like EV. You could easily do 4wd and torque vectoring, and stay under 2700-2800 pounds if you don’t care that much about range and battery longevity.

    I don’t know what 8 channel PDU means but if it’s like e-bikes ESCs It could maybe do 2 motors by it’s self, I’d like to see what kind of AMPs/volts it can manage.

    Are you guys going to do a PRI article this year? There is no doubt going to be a ton of EV tech this time around.

    1. Yes…I believe, it’s important to recognize the size of your testicles when racing cars. Failure to acknowledge testicle size, will likely result in precious testicle loss, amoung other significant body parts.

      Fun fact: Even the greatest driver in F1 history knew that younger drivers, like Mika Hakkinen, possesed greater ballsack proportions, and drove accordingly.

      “No matter how cool you think you are, there’s always going to be some young buck with bigger balls than you… additionally, they have not yet developed an attachment to them.”

  2. Wow…that Napolean Motorsports Camaro is an absolutely beautiful build. Amazingly, it’s an almost perfectly symmetrical engine bay.


    P.S. A little weird that they kept the wiper motor and ditched the wipers. Although, if they occasionally install wipers….I guess it makes sense. During the summer, I would routinely remove my wiper blade (custom single wiper mod), and store it in my trunk (because of the minor aero drag reduction.) But, I only did that with my street car, not race car.

    The wiper motor is really heavy, and I prefer to remove it completely, especially for the CoG reduction. But, I was eventually caught out in some rainstorms, and decided it wasn’t worth it. Of course, this car was in OR, not SoCal…so we would occasionally get torrential downpours in the middle of the summer. In SoCal, you really don’t need the wipers from June, until late October.

    1. FD runs rain or shine. In 2018 every round had some rain in it. We leave the wipers off and install them when its raining.

    2. Also, that car is totally uncompetitive and it never even came close to qualifying. It seems to have trouble generating enough wheel speed to drift at any higher speed with a grippy enough setup to keep up with the pro cars. To me, it looks like a two-speed transmission would help it.

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