Antigravity Battery saves weight for TAG Karts and other Powersports

So Christa Kojima is a retired Kart racer. She quit due to having to study a lot for college. During her winter break, she took out her old 125cc Jr Tag Kart to do a fun track day. Since she is not in a particular class anymore we took off her ballast and removed the Jr class intake restrictor converting her Kart to a 125cc senior Tag but without the 60 lbs of ballast, she would normally have to carry.  Christa was thinking she could go play with slower shifter kart people on track days.  Her original battery was deader than a doornail and new OEM ones were $100 so we replaced it with an el-cheapo AGM battery off of Amazon for $19. All was good until 7 laps into her first session, vibration or something killed the Amazon battery.  Since her kart has a total loss ignition system, it killed everything. Fortunately, Antigravity Batteries came to her rescue with a new lithium-ion battery.

We used an Antigravity 801 battery to power her kart. The 801 has 240 cold-cranking amps which is good enough to start a big 1200cc V-Twin motorcycle, which is way more than enough for a 125cc two-stroke. It is also rated at 11 amp-hours when rated like the 6.5 amp-hour AGM battery that was in her kart.  Way more cranking power and more capacity, we like this already.

The icing on the cake was the old battery weighed 4 lbs 8.4 oz on our digital scale.

The antigravity battery weighed in at an amazing 1 lb, 11.1 oz, that’s a 3 lb 2.7 oz weight savings.  This is very significant in a vehicle that only weighs 165lbs.

We fabricated a new upper mount to center the Antigravity battery, which is smaller than stock on the factory battery holder.

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