Antigravity Battery saves weight for TAG Karts and other Powersports

We added a plastic anti shorting shield to our positive terminal as additional insurance that our battery would not ever short out.


Our new battery is not only lighter but it spins the 125cc engine so fast that it fires instantly.  The battery also seems to make the kart’s ignition work much better, the kart runs much better when cold and seems to have more power, hitting higher revs down the straight.  Throttle response is much better too. Antigravity says lithium batteries have cleaner less noisy power which might be responsible for this.  Here is a little video of Christa playing around with FD Pro Odi Bakchis.  Odi is driving a 125cc shifter kart so the goal of keeping up with the faster class karts is close.  We are going to add a larger carb to Christa’s kart next which should give her 5 more hp.  So Antigravity isn’t just for your race car.  With weight an order of magnitude less and more power both electrically and potentially engine wise, Antigravity batteries are a great choice to fill your power sports needs.


Antigravity Batteries 

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