Attacking Time: Consistently!


Without time to properly dial in the new aero setup, the front would dive too low. The rear would become extremely light. Coming through Riverside at triple digit speeds made the Integra a serious handful! I was at the Sweeper when I heard the telltale sounds of a car leaving the paved surface. Angrily!
I turned and my finger was on the shutter button. I didn't know until the dust started to disperse that it was one of 'my' cars!
Well into the triple digits, you can see how the back end started to come around based upon the skid marks. I saw James shortly after – he was wound up yet incredibly determined to get the car back together.
Without hesitation, Eric from R-Division rolled into action to piece together the front air dam which had disintegrated into an unknown number of pieces. The Boersma Racing splitter – still in one piece and ready for another day of racing!
Splitter end plates – gone. Wheel spats – gone. Front dam – replaced with a couple of pieces found in the desert sand, prayer, and an awful lot of duct tape! Incredible effort by Eric to get the car back on track. Luckily, no damage to any major components!
Since this off happened at the end of Day 1, Eric from R-Division had the night to work on the fix. Thanks to all of the teams that helped out by offering advice, parts, and moral support!
Day 2 and the car was out and running well. Plans were already being formulated for aero and suspension improvements.

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