Attacking Time: Consistently!


Sporting the new black duct tape air dam, Team R-Division is looking very mean and aggressive.

What do you do after a tremendous off? Well, if you are Jimmy then you go back out, make sure that the car is good at speed and that nothing was missed in the overnight work spree to put all of the pieces back together. And then you set your fastest time of the event and pull in second place, behind Dai Yoshihara's record breaking Spoon Racing Civic.


James was disappointed that the PZ Civic had developed serious engine challenges on Day 1. Having followed both of these racers – who live within 20 minutes of each other – for a few years, I can say that James was looking forward to competing head to head with Will Au-Yeung. At Road Atlanta with Global Time Attack James set a record and won the Limited FWD class and Will won Unlimited FWD in his at that time untested Civic. No sooner had James set the record at Road Atlanta when he realized he had hurt the engine, with the car being packed up and hauled back to Canada. While Eric was rebuilding it, he loaned James his Civic to run the first CSCS event. Will had his PZ Tuning Acura RSX there and captured first with James second in Eric's Civic. With no other meetings than at Super Lap Battle, James was looking forward to the competition with Will. However, that race is now going to have to wait until 2016!


As more and more rubber gets added to the front of the Type R, the steering is getting to be more of a challenge to handle around the track – especially during 15 and 20 lap races. Solution: Toyota MR2 electric steering pump.

The Type R is already undergoing preparations for 2016. A Toyota MR2 electric power steering system will be fitted into the car to make racing during longer sessions more comfortable. The R-Division team will be moving the car to a K-Tuned suspension system to update the existing system. K-Tuned is a long time sponsor of this driver and team. For 2016 the team will also be installing the K-Tuned intake manifold and throttle body. This in addition to a myriad of K-Tuned parts already on the car.


This Integra Type R from R-Division will be back in 2016 – better than ever. Watch for it!
While nose stands are common place in two wheeled circles, it appears that the Type R is very close to joining that club. Notice, this is braking in a straight line coming into Sunset Corner.

Tenacity. Persistence. Endurance. Desire to win. All of this on a very grassroots racing budget. James Houghton and the R-Division Integra Type R are a challenging force at any track that they show up at and they fit that description. Having the third fastest front wheel drive time at Buttonwillow behind Dai and Rado – that is excellent company to be in. Of course, Will Au-Yeung will be looking at joining that group in 2016. And Edo Stepanyan blew us all away with his naturally aspirated time that was only a couple of blinks behind James. It may be premature to say right now, but I think that the Unlimited FWD battles at Buttonwillow are just beginning to heat up. Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle – That may be the race to watch in 2016!



Global Time Attack

CSCS – Canada Sport Compact Series



Kraftwerks USA

Vern Houghton Rust Control

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Kingpin Machine

Evans Tuning

AFH Parts



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Innovative Tuning

Carbox Industries

K2S Transmissions

Carbotech Performance Brakes – Ewald Performance

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