Auto Talent M3 – A Cheetah in Zebra’s Clothing


FIA homologated Sparco Corsa race seats are installed using VAC floor mounts.  Besides keeping the driver in place, saving weight over the factory seats is another bonus. 
The Sparco 6-point harnesses are used with the Auto Power 4-point roll bar.  As this car is well modded for track use, no rear seats are not a problem and it takes out weight.  The 911 GT3RS can be had with a factory installed roll cage in Europe eliminating the rear seats and even the Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca ditches the rear seat.  We don’t need no stinkin’ rear seats!

To further aid the driver, some really trick instrumentation is added.  The most obvious object is the super trick BMW Performance steering wheel.  It’s basically a mini F1 steering wheel with LED shift lights built in.  The center display on the wheel can display a G-meter, stop watch and lap timer, quarter mile timer, and engine temp readout.  A set of AEM gauges were added to the center console to provide more data to the driver to ensure the engine is operating correctly.

The driver’s cockpit with the centerpiece being the BMW Performance steering wheel.  Another OCD BMW detail, the tachometer has a moving redline based on the engine temperature.  When the engine is cold, the redline is lowered as can been seen by the colored lighting around the tach.


AEM wideband, EGT and oil pressure gauges mounted in a 3D Design gauge pod.  A RE Short Shift Kit is also installed.
An AEM No-Weld O2 sensor kit was used, making the wide band O2 sensor install a snap.


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