Auto Talent M3 – A Cheetah in Zebra’s Clothing


Adding a little Kojima yam head/gangster tear flair to the car.
Chris Marion of KW Suspension creating Kojima’s likeness using some inspiration from the website.  Who knew Chris had so many talents!


Auto Tecknic carbon fiber mirror covers are the last little touch of customization, aside from the Zebra look of course. 

Auto Talent has built itself one heck of a machine.  If you took off the graphics, there’s nothing obvious from a distance to make this car stand out.  No hellaflush, no stance, no VIP treatment, no nasty body kit, and no big wing here.  It was just built using a great mix of top quality performance parts transforming a high performance street car into a road course capable monster.  Just the way we like it here at MotoIQ.  It may look like a zebra, but it runs like a cheetah.

If you see this silver toothed Zeetah in your rear view mirror, you might want to get out of the way as it’s packing over 550hp under the hood with the brakes and cornering ability to match.  Just sayin….


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