Autobacs, No Sorry Autobox

I realize that I have been lagging pretty hard on posting original material. If you notice, my last several posts have basically been rehashes of OPP (other people’s… Time is short at the moment with SEMA just 10 days away. I have been attending SEMA for 15 years straight now and every year I tell myself, “I’ll get the cars ready a little earlier this year.” Bullshit, no matter what I say it never happens.

Anyhow, today I bring you the latest in Chinaman robbery: Autobox. You read it right:


. Not the Japlish named


automotive superstore with billions of dollars of capital in Japan, but a cheap ass Chinaman owned imitation called Autobox. You might say, “Eric, you can’t just assume that the store is owned by a Chinese guy.” Normally you would be correct, but this store is in downtown LA and IN CHINATOWN. Tyler was telling me at lunch today about how he was cruising through downtown and found today’s treasure. I thought I should take 5 minutes and let the world know how damn unoriginal a Chinaman can be. Even in the USA. Anyhow, perhaps Autobacs will put a stop it all before everybody assumes that Autobacs has a third low budget store in downtown LA.

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