ECUTEK R35 GTR Editing and Programming Suite


I got an email from Ecutek this morning on this. This is good news for the professional tuners all around the world who can read English. I’m ordering this puppy.




Ecutek are pleased to, once again, announce a world first.


1st December sees the release of our programming and editing suite for the stunning Nissan GTR R35.


We are currently working through the 400+ 2D maps and over 100, 3D maps in this ECU to give you a full understanding of functionality of this powerful ECU.


Programming time for the ECU is currently 17 seconds enabling fast mapping and testing.


Models supported at date of release will be the Japanese domestic market models as well as all US specification cars. As models are released into other world markets we will be

supporting these within days of their release .


Our development car is being used for testing of the software and to generate example data for you.


For those customers with current FlashCAN hardware this will be a feature update.


We are finalising the cost of this and will be mailing out order forms prior to release, however if you are interested in this latest EcuTeK product perhaps you could reply to this email.




7 Union Buildings

Wallingford Road





Tel: (+44) 01895 811200

Fax: (+44) 01895 811611




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