Cosworth EVO X 4B11T Cams


Cosworth has just released the 4B11T camshafts for the EVOX and the new Ralliart Lancer. This is the first available grind for the new Mitsubishi 4B11T engine called the MX1, Cosworth part number is 20004124, and MSRP is $749. Advertised duration is 266° with intake lift at 10.8mm and exhaust lift at 10.4mm. These cams can be used with the stock valve springs, but for sustained high rpm use (road racing) or beyond the factory rev limit, Cosworth single valve springs should be installed (part# 20004844, MSRP $325).



For independent test results, see here. For those of you too lazy to click with your finger, here it is below. Yes, you read it right: +40whp peak to peak and +30 lb-ft. torque with a big improvement in power band width (these are slightly inflated Dynapack numbers though…). Jesus, I’m wondering what the MX2 grinds will do. We’ll be finding out shortly with our own testing on the engine dyno. Maybe this way, there won’t be any leakage on the damn forums.


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