AutoX’ing Steed: Gregg Biddlingmeier’s 1988 Ford Mustang


Rear seat delete makes this custom roll bar look rather factory. Too bad Ford didn't do this.

A Hurst shifter makes gear changes precise while the Ram Muscle Car Clutch locks in the twist of the engine to the Eaton Detroit Truetrac Differential of the Ford 8.8-inch rear end. The Truetrac is a helical-style differential with three pinion gears that ride on the side gears that the axles attach to. It allows for open-style operation while driving normally and will automatically torque bias power to the traction wheel when there is tire slip, like how a Torsen differential works.


Again, you'd think this was a factory setup over a custom one thanks to how clean it's done and how well it fits with the OE panels.

Inside, you see that much of the interior remains, which is again good for the USCA D&E but safety is still ever present in this car. The rear seats are gone and replaced with a cover so that the custom roll bar can fit and look factory installed. The seats are Scat Procars with DJ Safety 5-Point Harnesses securing both driver and passenger.


Those Auto Meter Phantom gauges match the white factory dash gauges.

The Auto Meter Phantom gauges match the white-faced gauge cluster in the dash to give Gregg all the information he needs during a track or autocross run. The Momo Tuner steering wheel gives him the feel he needs from the front tires without looking out of place for a street car like most racing steering wheels do.


If you're at a time trial or track day, this is probably the only view you'll get of this Fox.

If there was ever a Fox body Mustang to take some notes from, it’s Gregg’s. It has the looks of a hot-rodded street car, the chassis to take autocross duty, and the power and reliability to make it a hot track car with the amenities to make it nearly livable. It’s not understated, that’s for sure, but you can’t say this car doesn’t perform like it looks. With plans to reinstall some of those creature comforts, you might just be able to say it’s the ultimate street car Mustang very soon.

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