ASN Canada FIA Canadian Autoslalom Championship

ASN Canada FIA Canadian Autoslalom Championship

presented by Toyo Tires

by Frank Ewald


Pitt Meadows, B.C. was home to the ASN Canada FIA Canadian Autoslalom Championship presented by Toyo Tires on June 24th and 25th. Held at the expansive YPK Pitt Meadows Training Facility and hosted by the VCMC Motorsport Club, there was plenty of open space on this massive paved training ground for a huge course layout. And not just one, but four courses were run over the weekend. At the noon break on both Saturday and Sunday, the courses were changed slightly at the start line and finish box to allow the courses to be run in reverse. This gave the drivers a huge challenge and also kept them on their toes throughout the weekend. Further adding to the challenge, the four best scores for each driver were tallied up and that combined total led to the final score.


A runway beside the driving centre was closed for the weekend and was used as a paddock for the over 100 drivers and cars entred into the ASN Canada FIA Canadian Autoslalom Championship.
Drivers had the opportunity to get in and set up on Friday. Track walk took place early Saturday morning. The driver's meeting took place promptly, provided all of the basic information required, and the day was off and running. The host club, VCMC, was very well organized and with only a few minor glitches, they pulled off a fantastic weekend. 
There were parachutists falling out of the sky and landing in a field not too far beyond the Autoslalom course. And yes, there will be a few more photos of this car further into the article.
The weather was perfect and the YPK Pitt Meadows Training Facility is simply huge! Roller skates, a scooter, a bicycle, or even a go-kart would be a great way to travel the course perimeter.
There were a few (that is a blatant understatement) Miata's/MX-5's out to compete. Here is Murray Peterson who took top honours in C street with a combined raw time of 222.704 seconds competing in his 2017 MX-5. You can see a couple of more Miata's in the cover photo. In the background is William Cruz in his very sharp white with black accents 2016 MX-5 and in the foreground is Alyson Picket in the #19 E Street 1999 Mazda Miata.

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