ASN Canada FIA Canadian Autoslalom Championship


In most timed competitions, RAW speed is for bragging rights only and the trophies go to those with the best PAX scores, so here are the weekend's five top PAX drivers. We will start with 5th and work our way up to 1st.


5th in PAX scoring was #185 FS Nigel Koit in a 2014 Mustang GT with a PAX score of 99.103 and a raw time of 219.956. I believe that Nigel is chatting with co-driver Norman Hayton. Nigel won a “Buy One Get One” set of G-LOC Brake Pads for his choice of vehicles at the final event celebrations.
Norman Hayton was fourth in PAX with a score of 99.265 and a RAW time of 219.556 in the same 2014 Ford Mustang GT.
Even though the tinted shield hides the face, you know that while on grid and just one car away from the start line that the expression is one of complete concentration. Mentally driving the course and finding that extra time!


Driving a 2006 Porsche Cayman was Ryan Clark. The #142 car was in B Street and scored 99.571 in PAX with a RAW time of 216.498 seconds.
This car is a track beast. A little bit of intimidation never hurts – and this Vette is ready for all comers!


Racing the #69 1999 Chevrolet Corvette C5 in B Street to a 99.803 PAX score and second overall was Dan Bullis. His RAW time was 215.995 seconds.

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