ASN Canada FIA Canadian Autoslalom Championship


The trophies are absolutely spectacular. I'd be very happy to have this displayed on my mantel!


Cam Withell ran car 129 in A Street. His co-driver is his wife, Jess, and she ran the car under #29 in ASL. Running in A Street means that you have a street car. 200 treadwear tires. There is a long list of rules which essentially state that your car must be stock.


VCMC President Dave Cross presenting the ASN Canada FIA Canadian Autoslalom Championship trophy to Cam Withell. Cam piloted his #129 A Street 2004 Chevrolet Corvette to a PAX score of 100 and a RAW time of 213.990 seconds. Congratulations on a great weekend of racing, Cam!
The trophy for the ladies event went to Tasha Mikko. Tasha's raw time of 222.417 captured 4th place in B Street and PAX put her in 21st place overall! Tasha was driving the #56 B Street 2016 Ford Focus RS. Unfortunately, she was not available for the trophy presentation due to prior commitments and travel needs. 

Of course, there is so much more to this event than space and time allows us to share. The very competent team at VCMC that hosted this great event. The army of volunteers. Representatives from ASN Canada FIA, CACC, and Toyo Canada. All of the other sponsors. Not to mention all of the drivers – so here are a few more favourite photos that, while not giving you a full overview of this very busy weekend, will give you a bit more of an idea of what happened.


Four wheel locks aren't usually what drivers want, but as Brent Glad was in second place and chasing down Shane Jensen, that lock up did happen. However, his total of 223.182 was not enough to allow the #90 1988 Honda CRX move into first in STS. (Hmmmm, any chance he was flat-spotting them on purpose to slow Shane down!)
Shane Jensen's total of 219.038 was simply unbeatable and he was on top of the podium in Street Touring S. His car, the #190 1988 Honda CRX! Time to mention again the volunteers as Gary Watson gives Shane the signal to begin his run. It is also important to mention and thank the sponsors who support amateur motorsports. Mike from Toyo Canada was present for the entire weekend. Toyo Canada financially supported this event and also provided a set of Toyo Tires to a lucky competitor.

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