ASN Canada FIA Canadian Autoslalom Championship


We have all been there. It doesn't matter where you are, but you hear a car that just makes you stop what you're doing and just listen. I almost missed getting photos of the 1967 #67 Ford Mustang and driver Kevin McAtee. This car simply sounded astounding. Running in the Classic American Muscle Traditional class, Kevin took home 1st place honours with a combined time of 240.674 seconds. To the best of our knowledge, this was also the oldest car in the event.
This car also made me stop – not to listen but to look! Literally, all you can see is tires and wings! And a head, this was quite a sight coming straight towards you!
Text book driving here. You can tell that the driver is already anticipating future corners – thinking his way around the course well in advance. There's a little bit of body roll, but not very much.
Yes, there is a car behind/under all of that aero! I believe it is the second oldest car on the course – a1973 Volkswagen powered Tui Super Vee.
Driver John Haftner, referred to fondly as one of the granddaddy's of autoslalom, drove this incredible car to the fastest raw time of the event with a combined total of 197.212 seconds. John also holds the incredible feat of being the only driver to ever break into the 1 minute and 30 second bracket at the Knox Mountain Hill Climb with a still standing 2007 overall record of 1:37.065!

Drivers ranged in age from 18 to 78 with both genders represented. Age really is irrelevant, as there were five drivers in their 70's competing and putting down some fantstic times! It was also great to see a number of ladies out and running the event. For every reader who believes that either age or gender should keep you out of motorsport, please rethink that and get out and get involved.

Everyone had the opportunity to get twelve runs in over the two days. The vast majority of drivers were from BC with solid numbers from Washington and Alberta. It was an international event, as one driver came from New Zealand (well, a Canadian transplanted to New Zealand and home for a visit) participating in this event. Another driver made the 4 000 kilometre/2 600 mile trek from Ontario to compete. There was room for more, so make a note to make the trek to beautiful BC in the future. VCMC will welcome you!

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