ASN Canada FIA Canadian Autoslalom Championship


Temperatures were about 32° Celcius on both days. That's 90° Fahrenheit, and it absolutely felt much hotter standing on pavement all day! There was lots of water available – and it's wrapped with Canadian colours in recognition of the 150th anniversary of Canada's Confederation.

The weather was absolutely breathtaking. Barely a cloud in the sky on Saturday and the temperature of 32° Celcius/90° Fahrenheit was magnified immensely on the pavement. Most cars and drivers held up very well with repeated reminders about staying hydrated. Sunday's temperatures remained about the same but with a bit of cloud that managed to hold the heat down from what were supposed to be even hotter temperatures. Sunscreen, water bottles, t-shirts draped over ears and held in place by baseball hats, and lots of golf umbrellas were put to use. In April while here for the VCMC Autocross warm up, we were using umbrellas also – but for a vastly different reason. Snow! But that was then, and this is now. Snow was quite visible on the distant mountain tops, but the only white stuff near the asphalt was sunscreen with a huge SPF factor.


Shade … the thing about airports is that you will not find many trees near the runways. Long grass, perhaps, but that doesn't offer too much shade. This shot has Nick Trettel in a 2014 Subaru BRZ who compiled a time of 226.115 over the two days.
VCMC Motorsports Club was well prepared for the weather while hosting the ASN Canada FIA Canadian Autoslalom Championship with lots of portable shade brought in to protect the drivers, crew, and spectators. I guess, thinking pessimistically, it would have served as protection from precipitation too. Once in a while it does rain in the Vancouver, B.C. area!
Spectators fought for the best seating positions around the course – with some organizing their own prime viewing spots similar to Nasar races. Michelle Burton was chasing the same two S2000's that were her husband's nemeses. She captured third place with a combined total of 227.635 seconds. Mitch and Michelle's daughter, Tessa, was my spotter throughout the weekend and ensured my safety as we travelled about the courses. *While the photo bears my name, this photo credit should go to Tessa, who I believe actually captured this image (with my camera).
Josiah Tugman's #87 1987 Honda CRX was not able to finish the event, but he did have some spectacular corners!

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