Best-Engineered Cars of LeMons


Best-Engineered Frankenmiata

The Best-Engineered Cars of LeMons

By Dave Coleman

The 24 Hours of LeMons is recognized as many things. Incredibly stupid. Safer than OxyContin. A flagrant waste of natural resources. Yes, yes, and yes, but to us, it is also a festival of junkyard engineering. Ever wondered how a Geo Metro would perform with a CBR 900 engine? Ever wondered if you could build a mid-engine, 8-cylinder Can-Am car out of a couple of Vanagons? Ever fantasized about building a mid-engine racecar out of a 1971 Honda Z600, a first-gen RX-7 and a Motorcycle? All this can be found at LeMons, and all of it deserves a closer look.

And so we start our series, the Best-Engineered Cars of LeMons. We start this series with a car that's quite tame, by the standards of freakshows listed above, but since we built it ourselves, we know the most about it. Click the pic, then for everything you never wanted to know about how to build a fast, reliable turbo Miata for $500: 

Frankenmiata Geek Hub

Behold, the FrankenMiata

by Dave Coleman


Best engineered lemons metrognome

The Best-Engineered Cars of Lemons
#2: The MetroGnome (now availbale in rear-drive)


Best engineered cars of lemons 3 - the angry hamster

The Best-Engineered Cars of LeMons – #3: The Angry Hamster.



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