Pursuit Systems Mitsubishi EVO VIII Camera Car!

Pursuit systems camera chase car Mitsubishi EVO

Pursuit Systems Mitsubishi EVO VIII Camera Car!

MotoIQ Staff Report

Since Technosquare is the official shop of MotoIQ, we are often there many time a week working on various projects.  Technosquare has many customers ranging from street car modifiers to pro race teams and everything in-between.

Sometimes Technosquare has customers from the entertainment industry and yesterday we got to see a very unusual vehicle that they were working on.  This car is an EVO VIII that has been modified by Pursuit Systems as a camera car for the Movies and TV. The car has been used for such movies as The Fast and the Furious 4 among others.

While the Technosquare crew was working on things on the car we snapped some pictures and made some observations.  Of course our ad hoc photography is not up to our usual standards but its still good enough for us to take you on a tour of this unusually modded EVO.

The EVO’s murdered out flat black paint was not done to emulate Coleman but to reduce the chances of errant reflections from a shiny surface from ruining the shot.  The push bar can act like a, well a push bar and serve as a point to mount rigging.  A RMR hood scoop is used to divert cold air into the air intake.
The pushbar protects a huge front mount intercooler which allows a more aggressive tune for the 4G63 engine
The rear of the car is unremarkable other than the beefy push bar and the big stainless performance exhaust with extra muffling to provide low back pressure and low noise to prevent from ruining the shot.  Check out the odd downward pointing diffuser on the rearmost muffler.  The exhaust is a full 3″ but has a lot of silencing.
The elaborate roof rack is tied into an equally elaborate roll cage and is used to support a huge carbon fiber camera boom that is remote controlled.  The boom is not shown. 

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