Pursuit Systems Mitsubishi EVO VIII Camera Car!


A full cage protect the occupants and supports the complicated and top heavy camera rigging.  All four seating positions have Sparco racing seats and street style harnesses but as you can see the harness mounting could be improved.  The floor mounting can cause problems in a severe accident.  This issue could easily be fixed.  The backseat has a large video monitor and controls for the boom.
The cage is well integrated into the EVO’s interior.  You can see the wiring for the boom, and sound equipment that the car normally carries.
The cage is tied into the body structure via dimple die plated A pillars like any good race car.  The driver is treated to a Sparco steering wheel and the passenger has a video monitor and controls for various video and sound equipment.
Since the camera car probably has to haul around a driver, 3 operators and a bunch of equipment at speed, it needs a lot of stopping power.  Big AP front brakes do the stopping duties.  The blue sticker on the caliper is a temperature tell tale label that changes colors with heat.  This helps the techs determine how hot the brakes are getting.  Check out the Hankook race rubber.  Camera cars apparently need mad grip.


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