Pursuit Systems Mitsubishi EVO VIII Camera Car!


The 4G63 engine puts out 400 hp.  We think this is 400 crank hp as it still uses the stock turbo and exhaust manifolds.  Cosworth pistons, rods and camshafts assure reliability with the Technosquare assembled engine. You can see the AEM cold air intake, a hard pipe kit with a recirculated blow off valve and a big front mount intercooler.  Engine management is handled by an Apexi Power FC tuned by our own Eric Hsu.  The car was at Technosquare to have adjustable timing gear installed and set up for more mid range torque.  The weight was affecting the cars ability to keep up with fast paced scenes we guess.  We were not sure of the brand of the shocks but they looked sort of like fake Motons.  There were two damping adjusters, one on the shock shaft and another on the canister.  With a big boom, lots of equipment, video operators, sticky tires and a lot of weight on the car, we guess the car needs some stiff suspension.

Overall this was one interesting ride and one of the behind the scene things that is probably used in every action movie with a car chase!

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