The Best Paint Protection Film – XPEL
Where 2 panels butt up against one another with zero clearance, Koosha wedges the film as deep into the crack as possible.
Then he cuts down the crease.
The excess quarter panel film is removed.
Finally, a heat gun is used to heat up the film so it can be tucked it over the hard edge of the panel and stuck down. Next, the doors and quarter panels were done in similar fashion.
Next, Koosha does the hood by prepping and cleaning it like the fenders.
Here you can see the outline of the hood on the material slightly larger than the hood itself with the center section for the hood vents already cut out by the cutter.


  1. this seems excessively long for an article, especially after the first few pages it felt very repetitive. The beauty shots on the last page show the amazing quality of his work and it is perfection, I just feel that the article could have been half the pages and still given us a good idea of how the process goes.

  2. it varies by car but to cover ALL the painted surfaces and aero on a C7 like we did you’re probably going to spend $6,000. just a a front end kit covering the bumper, hood, mirrors, front fenders and rocker panels is around $3,000. Yes, it may seem like an excessively long article but the process took 4 ENTIRE days to complete.. The difference is in the details. I never appreciated how much work goes into one of these wraps till I had to sit there and watch Koosha do it. We’ve wrapped a few of our project cars and none of them have been done this well.

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