Blacktrax Performance S2000 Motorsport Makeover: Part 1 – Basic Chassis Preparation


Notice how high the center console goes. It splits the cabin in half, increasing rigidity (and being a well-placed armrest)

To further combat flexing and deformation, the good folks at CT Engineering have completely blasted the frame from bumper to bumper with welds at every point metal meets metal, especially between the front and rear suspension mounting points (where deflection and torsion occur most). If you were to count every weld on the frame, you would find well over 200 welds on just the chassis. The firewall alone has over 30 welds.


Count the welds along the firewall!
A closer look at the bare, welded engine bay.

At this point is also when all of the pads for the cage are put in. On the chassis itself, there will be 8 spots to which the cage will mount. With one on each side, the points are located at the rear suspension, behind the seats, in the footwell, and behind the front suspension.


Pads like these are mounted in 8 spots on the car. The cage will weld onto these pads.

To add a little bit more to the project, CT Engineering also gutted the doors to just the shells. Each door went from almost 44 pounds to just over 25 pounds! Small improvements like these will all add up together to make the car more agile, rigid, and safe.


Before the doors were beautifully gutted. 43.6 pounds.

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