Blacktrax Performance S2000 Motorsport Makeover: Part 3 – Suspension, Initial Bodywork and Motor Build


BlackTrax Performance partnered with Kingpin Machine in the R&D of a full spherical Pro Competition suspension kit for the S2000. The first set was built for Jei Chang’s own S2000.


Aki Maseba, Blacktrax co-founder and lead fabricator welds 4140 steel compliance bearing sleeves onto the front lower control arm before pressing in a Teflon lined Aurora spherical bearing. These bearing kits are serviceable which makes bearing replacement a breeze.  BlackTrax will only be offering these components to the public under the condition your control arms are shipped to BT for proper honing and clearancing to minimize bearing stiction.     

Additionally, Blacktrax installed an exclusive Wicked Tuning front bump steer kit, J’s Racing camber joints, and custom roll center adjusters. The combination of these parts allows the car to remain as stable as possible while turning, taking into account the changes to suspension geometry though different cornering scenarios and bumps.


The bump steer kit, roll center adjuster, and camber joint make for some colorful pieces at the front steering knuckle. 

For improved stopping power, the Blacktrax Performance S2000 was fitted with a Stoptech 4-piston caliper on the front, with two-piece floating rotors, combined with Carbotech XP12 racing pads. The rears remain OEM with Carbotech XP8 racing pads and stainless Challenge USA braided lines.

Thanks to Mackin Industries and Volk Racing, Irene received two sets of 18×10 inch Volk TE37 Super Lap wheels. Longtime partner Hankook Tire provided some 275/35ZR18 slicks to top off the upsize from the previous wheel/tire setup.


This photo highlights off the Stoptech brakes, Volk Racing TE37s, Hankook slicks and 5Fifteen's paintwork on the frame. 

Because Irene would be wearing wheels and tires that were considerably larger in both diameter and width, the front and rear wheel arches required modification. The above photo shows how the wheelhouse member, above the tire, can cause some clearance issues under suspension compression.


Another photo showing the clearance issue in the front wheel well.

In the front wheel wells, Blacktrax cut off and plated off the wheelhouse member, to be able to take advantage of every little inch of bump travel. With the wider front wheels and tires, they would have contacted the wheelhouse member before being fully compressed, causing major clearance issues.


Cutting out the original wheelhouse member to allow more wheel/tire clearance.

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