Blacktrax Performance S2000 Motorsport Makeover: Part 3 – Suspension, Initial Bodywork and Motor Build


Dykem rocker arms in prep from grinding/clearancing for Toda C cams. 

The top end consists of a mildly hand ported cylinder head, Toda Racing Spec C camshafts and cam gears, Supertech Inconel valves, valve springs and titanium retainers.


Here we begin light pocket porting on the lighted port, which has been massaged. The end result is a flow improvement of approximately 10% at .500″ lift.

When the motor went in, the wiring harness was modified to remove as many unnecessary wiring as possible. Since the goal of this car includes retaining street-legal status, there could have been a bit more wiring removed. Still, you can see by the photos that a lot of weight from the wiring was removed.  The good news is, should Irene ever be driven on the street, she still has functioning lights, signals, and even wipers.


Lots of wiring out of the car. You can also see where the external reservoirs for the JRZ race triple adjustable dampers are mounted. 
This pictures depicts just the wiring and plastic fuse boxes/panels pulled from Irene. It's a little meta with the framed article of Irene from a past feature as well. 
Motor installed back into the S2000 at Blacktrax. You can see the painted engine bay from 5Fifteen Autobody too. 

With the car now rolling, Irene was sent back to 5Fifteen Autobody to have the custom J’s Racing Type-S front and rear wide-body installed. Then the entire car will be repainted in the iconic Porsche GT3 RS Signal Green that Irene has come to be known by. In the next installment of the  Blacktrax Performance S2000 Motorsport Makeover, we’ll cover the bodywork and aero, and the long-awaited dyno tuning and first track test sessions. 

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