Boersma Racing: SLB Limited FWD Record!


Mike taking the time to remove some unnecessary brackets in the engine bay. Unnecessary not only means weight that can be removed but it also means the potential for a bit more room while working on the engine trackside. Photo by Boersma Racing.
Eric at R-Division designed and built the cage. Then Chris had the entire cabin painted. It's absolutely spotless. Photo by Boersma Racing.
While the engine is out, this is the time to note how clean the car build is – evidenced here by the engine bay, subframe, and it' fresh paint. We shouldn't pass up the opportunity to point out the CSF radiator responsible for keeps things cool. Chris does not hesitate to point out that the car has absolutely no issues with cooling. Photo by Boersma Racing.
At 6' 3″ Chris is a tall man and fitting into some cars can be a challenge. While he and the Civic have been together for quite some time, he has not been thrilled with the seating position. While Eric was working on the cage and interior, he took the time to massage the seating position by dropping it to the floor and moving it rearward. The OEM steering structure was unchanged, but Chris is now much more comfortable in the car. The Boersma Civic is running a K-Tuned B series shifter that offers flexibility. It has been moved closer to the steering wheel yet also moved back to match the seat. Again, enhanced comfort because when you're comfortable, you're faster!

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