Boersma Racing: SLB Limited FWD Record!


With the car at R-Division, the engine was pulled and Eric rebuilt the motor. Brian Crower Pro 625 rods were installed with CP Pistons. The bore went from 81.5 mm to 82 mm in the existing Dart block.
The head was massaged previously so, while it was inspected for wear and tear, it was simply reinstalled. It's a Type R head with Type R cams and a SuperTec valvetrain. Honda OEM crank bearings were used for the build. This was just a refreshing of the engine, which had four years of running time. Obviously, for reliability purposes it was time for a rebuild. The compression ratio is about 10.5:1 and Chris is running VP109 race gas throughout 2016.
When tuning was finished the engine was pushing about 10 HP more than the above dyno graph shows. This was slightly more power than last year with less boost. This year Chris is running 19/20 pounds. I asked why he didn't simply up the boost to last year's levels of 22 pounds for even more at the wheels. Chris responded that the engine was more efficient so getting more power with slightly lower boost was preferable and he chose not to push it further. The Garrett GTX3076R turbo from last year is still providing the boost pressure.
With the nose off you can see the large Garrett core intercooler and the full size CSF radiator. There's an oil cooler just to the left of the intercooler. The engine bay houses the same components as 2015, but for 2016 everything is neater and tidier. Hanging from one of the hood vents is the Boersma Racing Team Mascot, Sparkie. You will see Sparkie anywhere you see the Boersma Racing Civic!

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