Bringing Back Memories: The Grand National Roadster Show


Mercury Drive InEven as Kerryann and I arrived, cars were still being brought in and this one caught both of our eyes. It was simply stunning.
Mercury at the GNRSThere were so many great details on this car from the flame job that was simply outlined and air bushed with accents, to the stripes going down the side of the car. It was beautiful.
Mercury GNRSIt still amazes me that this rod was simply driven and not trailered in. It rode on air bags and that's why it had the stance it did after it pulled in. Yeah, I know, we hate that.
30s ford coupeThis 30's Ford Coupe was another great looking car with many period correct details including the skinny white walls. There are two ways to get tires like this now: you purchase new ones from Coker Tire or you put on a cap to make it a white wall. I suggest the Coker route, just saying.
30s coupeNot quite the paint job details in this car, but still some great parts to look at!
Hildebrandt Valve CoversOf course, like many traditional hot rods, this coupe did not have the original engine nor did it sport the Ford Flathead V8. This coupe used a Chevrolet 350 block with some Hildebrandt vintage style valve covers for a great look and painted to match the goldish color of the block and wheels.
Ford CoupeOf course the vintage Edmunds Chevy intake manifold with dual Stromberg WW 2 barrel carburetors was a nice touch too. No, these are not a side draft carburetors as that is a cap for the air cleaners, in case you were wondering and not up on your vintage carburetors.

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