Building the Naturally Aspirated Honda K Engine: Part 4- Burns Header and Tuning


The dry sump tank was mounted so it could be easily removed for servicing or to put the car back to stock. 

Another look at the clean Earls plumbing.  The stock Atom oil cooler was judged sufficient.

Pressurized oil from the Daily dry sump pump is sent to where the oil filter used to be. 

The remote mounted external oil filter was mounted to the chassis for easy servicing. 

The stock Atom used the factory Honda exhaust manifold and the optional factory header was probably ok for the stock K24 but was a joke for the modified engine. To make a header to support the breathing capability of the Drag Cartel head and to match the Drag Cartel stage 4 cams, we called upon the guys at Burns Stainless to help us out with their Burns Merged Venturi collector and their high-quality certified stainless tubing. 

One of the best features of working with Burns is that when you buy a collector, you get free consulting for the tuned design from Burns using their X-Design computer program.  X-Design takes into consideration, the bore, stroke, rod length, head flow, cam profile and compression ratio to model the correct primary length and diameters for optimal performance. 

X-Design has always gotten us several hp over our best attempt to model a header every time we have tried to go head to head.  Because of this, we have given up trying to outpower Burns suggestions and just follow their guidelines!  Using X-design has always saved us dyno and cut and try time making buying a Burns collector money well spent. 

Chris built the header from 0.063″ thick Burns 304 stainless. He reports that the certified 304 welds are better than lesser grades of 304. Here, Chris preps sections of tubing for welding by cleaning off any oxidation with red Scotchbrite.


  1. I would take those HP #s more serious if they weren’t for churche Dyno.. it’s been knows for years their Dyno read high. Very high… 50hp plus.
    Multiple car have Dyno there and at other Dyno to prove church read high..

    1. Not anymore they have been using a different calibration for a few years now and their numbers are in between our dyno and a typical dynojet.

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