Building the Naturally Aspirated Honda K Engine: Part 4- Burns Header and Tuning


A Burns megaphone with a reverse cone was added past the collector. The Megaphone helps with a broader and higher powerband. The reverse cone tends to help power after the peak and flattens out the top of the powerband. 

The 02 sensor was added inboard of the collector to protect it from damage. The collector is a slip fit and is spring mounted to help avoid cracking.

The Burns header is completely aerodynamically merged with smooth converging and constant diameters leading to a velocity increasing venturi.  This design allows for a short and large diameter primary to have good bottom and top end power. It is not uncommon for a Burns X-Design header to have more bottom and mid range power than a long tube tri-y design header with way more top end to boot!


The ATI balancer is part of Daily Engineering's integrated dry sump drive system. 

The Eimer Engineering built Burns header is a beauty. We didn't show it because it hasn't been run yet but for a track with a noise limit, a Burns muffler is used to replace the megaphone. The V-Band clamp is there to make this a quick job.

With the car ready to run, we took the car to Church's Automotive Testing to have the stock Hondata K-Pro ECU tuned for the new engine. The stock program is locked by the people at Atom so it is not user programmable, but we were able to buy a special dongle for Hondata to unlock the ECU so it could be reflashed. 

Shawn isn't really that big of a guy, but it is still a comical sight to see him try to wiggle into the tight confines of the Atom- especially with the head protector seat.


Poor Shawn looks like is is stuffed into a torture cell.  Shawn was able to load a decent base program he put together using his experience with these injectors so the car could be started. 



  1. I would take those HP #s more serious if they weren’t for churche Dyno.. it’s been knows for years their Dyno read high. Very high… 50hp plus.
    Multiple car have Dyno there and at other Dyno to prove church read high..

    1. Not anymore they have been using a different calibration for a few years now and their numbers are in between our dyno and a typical dynojet.

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