Building the Subaru VA WRX clutch and Flywheel with ACT!


Next, the larger ACT clutch disc is positioned in place on the flywheel using the provided installation tool that centers on the pilot bearing. It is really important to use the tool to line up the clutch disc perfectly or reinstalling the transmission can be really difficult.  Including the proper alignment tool with the clutch is a nice touch. 
The pressure plate is now bolted down over the disc with the alignment tool in place.
The tool is pulled out and the transmission can be reinstalled. 
On the WRX the throwout bearing fork is notorious for wearing badly over the pivot ball and can cause a really stiff and gritty feeling clutch pedal.  The fork can be significantly worn even with low mileage cars!

ACT recommends replacing the clutch fork when the clutch is replaced. The clutch kit comes with a new throw out bearing to replace the stock part. The guide tube on the transmission case that the bearing slides on should be cleaned off and lightly lubricated with high temperature grease. The transmission input shaft should be very lightly lubricated with a super thin layer of high temperature grease as well.


Everything is buttoned up opposite of the way it came apart. 
When test driving the car, the clutch felt great, very streetable yet with the ability to take AWD punishment with moderate gains in power. 

The ACT Clutch kit with the Streetlite flywheel was a great clutch for a moderately modified daily driver car. The pedal effort was only moderately stiffer than stock. The clutch engagement and release characteristics were smooth and easy to drive, not irritating in daily driving at all. 

The clutch is smooth enough to be used as a long lasting stock replacement clutch as well. If you have a VA WRX in need of a clutch then the ACT part is a great choice for a great price!


Advanced Clutch Technology

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