C-West S2000 Sweeps Redline Time Attack

C-West USA, Design Craft (Gary Castillo who has had my S13 to build a cage for two fucking years and hasn’t touched it yet), BC, and Greddy teamed up to modify the original C-West dry carbon S2000 for US time attack competition. This is the original car that used to compete in Japan, but it was sent over to the USA for C-West USA to use as a demo/marketing car. Two years ago it ran the (then) Primedia Time Attack at Buttonwillow and ran a 1:53:xx. At the time the engine was 100% stock, but the car was lighter than shit thanks to all the dry carbon parts. A 1:53:xx is very respectable for a car that made no more than 240hp at the crank. It won it’s class back then with Tarzan Yamada driving and has sat in a corner collecting dust since then.

SoI called Gary Thursday before the time attack and he told me that he was reviving the C-West S2000 and doing the typical Gary style last minute preparation. He bolted on a Greddy turbo kit, a wack ass ECU (no nAMEs ), fabricated a new cage, realigned the car, and slapped on some Hankook Ventus Z214s. Of course the car still had the C-West dry carbon body on it. I’ve used the Z214’s on my old S13 before and they are pretty damn good tires. Not the fastest, but pretty damn fast and cheaper than the others. Anyhow, so on Sunday after sorting out a couple of issues with the car and with Tyler McQuarrie behind the wheel, they managed to crank out a 1:48.829 which is pretty damn fast. Tyler got caught up in traffic the next lap, but also thought that the car would have gone even faster. Gary also mentioned that Tyler was hitting 7000rpm in 6th gear so the car was geared too short (probably had the Spoon 4.9 ring & pinion). All of this with a bolt on Greddy turbo and a stock engine is pretty damn amazing. It’s all about light weight and good preparation. Congrats to Design Craft (Gary), C-West, BC and the rest of the gang for taking the class win and overall win last Sunday.


Unlimited RWD


Tyler McQuarrie, C-West Honda S2000



Ernesto Roco, Hoosier Tire Ford Mustang



Billy Johnson, MWorkz Nissan 350Z


Unlimited AWD


Brian Lock, GST Subaru Impreza



Ryan Novak, Harmon Motive Subaru WRX STi


Unlimited FWD


Tage Evanson, Kaaz Nitto Tire Honda Civic


Here’s Tyler getting ready to smoke everybody.

The winning team from left to right: Brain Crower from BC, Gary Castillo from Design Craft, Art Yang doing the Korean Kimchee squat and trying to look hard from BC, Jeff from Dynamic Autosports, Daiji Takashima from C-West USA, and dunno who.

It’s always cool to win.

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