Groove Armada

Saturday was a long day. It started with the alarm clock blasting at 5:20am. I had to go to the Performance Nissan meet to work the Cosworth booth at the Orange Show in San Bernardino, CA and meet at Ken’s house at 6am. San Bernardino sucks ass. We rolled in at 7am and the bullshit rent-a-cop, wannabe security people decided to do a full on vehicle search on our van. Good thing they didn’t find the 10 kilos of coke I brought to a car show. They made us throw away our water, sodas, and food because you had to buy everything from a wannabe King Taco stand called Taco Rico or some bullshit. How fucking dumb is that? Anyhow, so we set up our little display booth and waited for people to come. And waited. And waited. And waited. By about 3pm, we spoke to about 6 people (no joking). We spoke to more of our friends in the industry than consumers. Pretty weak. We packed it up at 3:15pm and went home.

The coolest thing of the day. The Cobb Posse is ballin’, yo.

Enough about cars. That’s all I ever really do. Earlier in March, Darren from Apexi told me that Groove Armada was coming to town. One of my favorite DJ’s, Groove Armada is a house, downtempo, chill group. They make their own music and they play DJ sets. I’ve been to 4 of their shows in the last 5 years with Darren and his wife Monique and each show was pretty damn good. I admit that I prefer their DJ sets over their live shows because DJ sets are just funner to drink, dance, and talk to people (girls) with. Anyhow, the local radio station out here, KCRW, was promoting the Groove Armada show at the Los Angeles City Hall on the south lawn. I didn’t really know what to expect, but the set up was a perfect. They limited entrance to 1500 people so it wasn’t too crowded or anything. I met some friends over there and ran into some other people I knew. It was a fun night.

Jason Bentley played for the first 3 hours and warmed up the crowd and Groove Armada came on at 9pm. This was the stage setup. The sound was good and loud, it wasn’t too crowded like a hip hop club with a bunch of 22 year olds, plenty of alcohol, and it was nice and cool outside.

Here I was backstage in the VIP. Na, just kidding. There was a hill where you could stand on and watch them operate on the turntables. Personally I think Groove Armada are geniuses.

I ran into Ron the school teacher and Paris the DJ. I went to high school with Paris. He spins at several clubs/bars all week long so look out for him. He knows how to rock a party.

Andy from Ark Design scarfing down some good ass pizza and my girlfriend Saya in full JDM pose with the bunny ears.

A message to fake ass Chinaman parts companies. Here’s Darren from Apexi in between drinks.

See what I mean? I think Andy and I had over 10 drinks, shots, etc. each. Good times…

The rest of the night is a blur. I know afterwards, we ended up at club Avalon in Hollywood where the Swedish House Mafia was spinning. My buddy Masa had a table and two fresh bottles of Vodka when we got there. How convenient is that? I never heard of the Swedes until that night, but they are pretty damn good. The whole crowd was dancing all night. The sound at Avalon is incredible – I love the sound quality there. I don’t go out much anymore, but this was a proper night out (got home at about 4:30am) and a long day. Good times…

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