R35 GT-R V-Spec and MT Videos

Somebody sent me a link to Autoblog earlier today and they had some shots up about the V-Spec. Damn, it makes the standard R35 look like shit already. Check out the images here on Autoblog. Yeah that fucker looks mean with the different body parts, new wheels, and some ride height reduction. Some highlights from the rumors are below. I say rumors because who the hell knows until the car is released? It might as well be making 700hp for all we know if anybody is going to speculate:

  • Dry carbon parts reduce weight by 330lbs.
  • Makes another 70hp for a grand total of 548hp.
  • Ran the Nurburgring Nordeschleif at 7:25 (Carrera GT = 7:28). That’s 13 seconds faster than the standard R35 GT-R.

If any of this is true then current R35 GT-R owners: should have saved your money and waited, suckers.

My buddy Ed Loh from Motortrend Magazine was telling me about all the cool shit he gets to drive at MT. Then he rubbed it in by telling me he got to cruise a red R35 through Arcadia and picked up two hot ass gold digging Chinese chicks and took them to have dumplings. No rich Taiwanese dude rolling in a Gallardo could front on him in Arcadia that day. He also sent me these videos:

Dyno Test @ K&N

R35 Details

R35 Performance

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