Camaro ZL-1 Handling fix with KW Suspension


The rear shocks use this fabricated mounting plate with a spherical bearing for the shock shaft.

The Clubsports come with both front and rear tender springs.  This helps reduce rattling and can help improve inside wheel traction during cornering.

The Clubsports come with brackets and tabs for OEM-like fit of brake lines, sway bar end links, Magneride coils wires, and ABS wheel speed sensors.

We started the installation by getting the car up on the lift and removing all 4 wheels.

We started by removing the front struts first.

Fifth gen Camaros have an unusual top mount. The shock tower has a small hole and the shaft is held in place by a bushing sandwiched in between two large plates on either side of the shock tower.  To remove the strut, we loosened the nut at the end of the shock shaft and removed the top plate.


  1. Didn’t see anything about trimming bumpstops. Did the KWs come with new ones?

    I always think the name ‘pillow ball’ is misleading. I have no idea why it’s called that. If anything, it should be called ‘hard ball.’

  2. I would have loved to see some comparative DDC vs v3/clubsport vs stock testing… I get that these are personal cars, and products bought for a purpose.

    But still to have an electronic system replaced with an equal but aftermarket electronic system interests me greatly. Not to mention the tuning aspect that is possible with these.

    1. Clubsports are preferable to DDC when it comes to more serious performance. DDC is more like a sports/comfort kind of damper.

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