Castrol Top Shop

Castrol Syntec and Source Interlink (publishers of Sport Compact Car, Import Tuner, Turbo, Modified, and Super Street magazines) are hosting a competition called “Top Shop” where engines will be run on an engine dyno and compared against each other. Check it out here: CASTROL SYNTEC TOP SHOP CHALLENGE. It basically involves an engine builder or shop that teams up with a Source Interlink (SI) magazine and builds as engine. So not only is it a challenge between the shops, but also between the magazines. Cosworth teamed up with Sport Compact Car Magazine which is probably the most technically competent out of the SI titles. Check out the first installment video here with Tyler doing the talking: SCC & Cosworth.
The basic rundown for the rules is as follows:

  • Production engine from a production based car
  • 100-octane spec fuel
  • Spec Castrol Syntec synthetic oil of shop’s chosen weight
  • Only one forced induction permitted (factory counts as one)
  • No methanol, fuel or water injection
  • Custom parts are allowed
  • No muffler during testing, but header must fit a production chassis
  • After each engine is finished, the engines will be given a total points score based on peak horsepower and torque per liter of displacement (turbo/supercharger are given a 2X displacement multiplier), power under the curve, surviving a 30-minute drive cycle and a subjective judging panel for quality and craftsmanship.
  • All testing will be handled on an engine dyno.

Cosworth and SCC mag are entering a normally aspirated Nissan VQ35DE. We think we have a pretty good chance of taking the prize with a non-turbo V-6. In the mean time, I need your support. Yes, you readers of my blog that I never ask anything of. Aside from checking out the ads in the sidebar to the right of this paragraph, I also need you guys to vote for Sport Compact Car which means you will be voting for Cosworth. Cast your vote here: CASTROL TOP SHOP FAVORITE BUILDER. Tell your friends and your friends friends. Due to the lameness of the website programmers, apparently you can vote as many times as you want. So if you have nothing to do aside from checking out the interesting ads to your right, then go ahead and vote as many times as you want!

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