Street Racing in Poland

Since my last post almost 3 days ago, the Castrol Top Shop votes for Sport Compact Car only went up by 600 votes. You guys are fucking weak! Ok fine, read my blog and be lazy. It turns out that the other magazines used a voting script and that’s why they added the keyword verification to stop the scripts from continually voting. In case you don’t feel lazy, please vote here: CASTROL TOP SHOP CHALLENGE.

One of the old masters here at Cosworth, Colin, came up to me and asked me, “Have you heard about street racing in Poland? I saw a Skyline in the video.” He knows that I am a Skyline freak since I am continually asking him about straight 6 engines. He then proceeded to guide me to the BBC News website where there is a story and video on street racing in Poland. In the city of Lodz which is about 80 miles outside of Poland, there has been illegal street racing for years. The cops tried to give fines, etc. but they just couldn’t stop it. I think what they mean was the rich guys paid off the cops too well and so the racing continued. Anyhow, so now once a month, the cops block off the street and they LEGALLY ALLOW RACING with no speed limit. Spectator counts can sometimes reach 10,000 people (hey that beats any sport compact drag event!) and there are actually sponsors that support the event. The crazy thing to me is that it’s all on the STREET in front of COPS. Why can’t cops be cool like that in the US? It would be great for the tuning market business.

To read the whole story and check out the video, visit BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat.

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