Champion ATM Nissan 240SX at the Texas Mile


Somewhat ingeniously, in my opinion, a Ford F350 front air dam is modified to serve as a splitter. All cars must be pushed or pulled (not driven) at Bonneville. Randy and Josh removed the air dam from their duallie and, as a joke, realized that it fit perfectly on the 240SX.
Simple steel straps were used to brace the air dam. Randy estimates that almost 800lbs of force are exerted against the dam when the car is at 200mph. The bracing keeps it from collapsing.
While not an aero mod, it is an air mod. A cloth bag goes over the low-mounted air filter in order to help keep dirt and debris out. 
SCTA rules require roof rails on all cars going 175MPH+. This helps stop cars from tumbling should they get into a spin. On the salt flats, there are no trees or barriers to stop you from barrel-rolling. Window tabs are also required to keep the windshield from popping out should the car end up going backwards. In this case, they hold in the factory glass.
The rest of the windows on the car are custom acrylic. The extra bracing on the inside of the rear windshield was, to quote Bob Ross, a “happy accident” — sort of. At El Mirage, another land speed event, the duo had the rear windshield sucked right out of the car during a run. Live and learn!
As with most high-powered and high-velocity land speed racers, a parachute is employed to help stop the car when the fun ends. A custom Stroud Safety ribbon parachute is attached to a special mount that can be easily removed when the car is going to be driven on the street. Because everyone drives their 200MPH land speed record holding car on the street, right? I sure would!

Bonneville Speed Week is no joke. And it’s no one-shot deal, either. Cars must make two runs on different days and achieve a record-setting average speed throughout several miles of racing in order to truly take home a record. Joshua and Randy combined a 210MPH run on the first day with a 196MPH run on the second day to average out at 207.608MPH. Why the low speed on day 2? A 200+MPH fishtail meant the actual recorded mile wasn’t as fast as it could be. It’s quite a feat, when you look at it that way. And the Champion ATM 240SX is quite a car, too.

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