Nissan Sentra B12 Bonneville Adventure – Part One


Salt is also very slippery, usually the salt has a hard crust with loose particles of salt sitting on top of the crust.  Some old timers have likened driving on the salt at speed to driving on snow.  Chuck was quite worried about this having heard stories of inexperienced racers going for long spins and even violent high speed flips due to bad aerodynamics and poor grip.

To remedy the aero problems of a car designed before much attention was given to aerodynamics, a front splitter and belly pan were planned and some sort of rear spoiler were on the books for installation but there was only time to fit a basic front airdam and a stock rear spoiler on the car before it was time to leave.  Would it be enough?  Fingers were crossed.

Fighting exhaustion and illness even before they left, Annie and Chuck left for Bonneville and drove 800 miles nearly non stop through the night.  Arriving at Wendover late and exhausted, Annie and Chuck decided to spend the first day of the USFRA meet sleeping. Annie was now sick and Chuck near the hallucination point from lack of sleep.  This would later prove to be a bad mistake.  Would the Sentra run properly?  Would it crash?  Would a place in the 150 mph club be secured?  Stay tuned and find out!

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  1. reading and encouraged by Chuck Jones adventure in his Sentra racer car and am from Kenya.I personally own a b12 Sentra.I kindly request a documentary from Chuck via my email address on all the processes he undertook till the final product.

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