Civic SI Hondata Flashpro


FlashPro Low Fuel Table

Eh, don't try this at home kiddos.  For as complicated as all these variables are, Hondata makes it pretty easy to manipulate the tables.  A dyno and thorough understanding of what you're changing is required.  The K20 is a strong motor but the interwebs are full of mechanical limits testing and what some call testing looks like a pretty dumb way to throw money down the drain.  The fuel table is shown above.  The far right (red) quadrant is adjusted for fueling boosted cars.
FlashPro Metering
This metering is just a hint of what's available with the advanced data-logging, boost/manifold pressure, knock count, ignition advance, air fuel, throttle plate, throttle pedal…..
Flashpro VTEC setpoints
The coveted VTEC setpoint is adjusted on this screen.  You can keep the engine on the low cam past the lower VTEC setpoint with a light throttle.  Stab the gas and away you go.
FlashPro Ignition Tables
There's another screen for fixing the cam angle for the area you're tuning.  You change the fuel percentage for the cam angles 0, 15, 30, 40 and 50 degrees and see where you make the most power on your dyno pulls at various cam angles and fueling.  The cam angle can't make abrupt changes from 0 to 40 degrees so you must smooth out the cam angles and make gradual changes for the cam sweeps.

Confirming some of the testimonials on Hondata's website “My car feels like it just lost the flu.”  Or “…the flashpro ELIMINATES rev hang and that GOD AWFUL bogging is worth the money.”  These are two points worth more detail.  For those that haven't driven a Civic SI:

  1. The stock ECU programming can at times make you look like an amateur learning to drive stick.  On the factory stock tune when the engine is warming up you touch the throttle and there's no response so you give it a bit more and the car lurches forward so you let off the gas and the car bucks back and forth until you let out of the throttle completely.  It's lame!
  2. Regarding the rev-hang it's just as described.  When you push in the clutch the RPM's hold for a couple seconds and then drop.  This was probably done by Honda for smoother gear changes and emissions but it makes the car feel laggy.  Simply put, the rev-hang is now gone.


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