Civic SI Hondata Flashpro


K20z3 dyno at Church Tuning

After the tune at Church's Automotive Testing we saw nice big chunks of torque between 7-19 lb/ft and 3-22hp.  The red line is our baseline, the blue is the Hondata MAF calibration for the AEM short runner intake and the green is the Church tune.  Those big dips in the powerband are eliminated with the Flashpro and a good tune!

Drivability has also been improved as it's no longer necessary to downshift to pass traffic.  The short ratio transmission in the Si that makes it such a fun car to drive on backroads is a chore when having to drop a gear for moderate acceleration at low RPM's.  The change in the car after tuning is so dramatic it's as if Church put in a small turbo and didn't tell us about it.  As far as glowing reviews on tuning go it doesn't get much better than that!


VTEC engagement

  • Stock is 5,800 RPM
  • Hondata intake tune 4,300 RPM
  • Church Automotive Tuning 3,400 RPM

It's a reach to point out shortcomings with the tuning so we're really stretching when we state lowering the VTEC engagement to 3,400 RPM makes the engine growl a little too much when the car hits the hot cam so low in the RPM range.  We could raise the VTEC point but all that welcomed torque found below 4,000 rpm's would be lost.  The best remedy is as easy as keeping a light foot on the throttle, which is no easy task with feet that are so easily tempted.  To that point all of our new power has come at the expense of some MPG with the first couple of tanks but has returned to 25 MPG city now that our feet have settled down.  More power, same MPG, less downshifting and endless tuning potential, the Flashpro ROCKS!

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