Coast to Coast in Five Days (in a Suzuki Cappuccino): Part 1
Mother Road Hostel
Our second overnight stop was at the Mother Road Hostel in Albuquerque, located on Historic Route 66 (hence the name). We arrived at 10pm, checked in, and promptly crashed into bed. We had been on the road for nearly 15 hours and were absolutely dead.
Crazy Crapper
This hostel had the weirdest bathroom I’ve ever used. It was two steps above the hall and the shower was so short even I had to duck to clean off. Not that I’m complaining: weird bathrooms are just part of the hostel charm.
Cappuccino's Honor Sullied by Assholes
Overnight some asshole decided the Cappuccino would be a good parkour obstacle. Clearly, they were jealous of our awesome car. Unfortunately, the shitheads dented the aluminum hood when they stomped on it. It’s not bad, but will require a little hammering and probably a fresh coat of paint. I take a bit of solace in the fact that clearly whoever jumped on the hood fell off the car and hopefully ate all of the shit.

Well, we’ve already made it 800 miles and aside from the A/C debacle, this car has driven perfectly, even returning 45 MPG!  Suck on that Prius snobs!  The highway was not at all the Cappuccino’s happy place, so for Day 3 we decided to ditch the highway, find Route 66, and enjoy the Cappuccino in its natural habitat.  Is the Cappuccino everything we hoped it would be?  Did we make it without breaking down?  Did Momma Curly get her favorite birthday present?  Tune in for Part 2 where we reveal all!


  1. Looks like a fun trip. I did a similar run from Denver to northern DE in my ’92 Cappuccino last year. A/C compressor may have been an overtemp safety; mine worked great up until rush hour traffic in St. Louis and an ambient temp of 105*+. We lost it for maybe 2 hours, but worked great the rest of the evening and the next day once temps got back down into the 80s-90s. Hopefully yours is a similar non-issue. Safe travels!

    If you are planning to replace the OEM wheels please let me know, I have been looking for a set.

    1. If you’re ever down in Kentucky, let me know! Always nice to meet another Capp owner. I was unaware of the overtemp function, but the A/C does have problems. I’ve tried it a few times and it isn’t blowing any cold air period. It is an old system, so I suspect all the freon has leaked out somewhere.

      As for the wheels, replacing the wheels and tires with something a bit wider is in my early plans. I want to install some performance tires and the OEM wheels are too skinny. The tires on it now are practically brand new so they’d be perfect for someone looking for an OE swap. I’ll get in touch with you about setting up a wheel trade or sale.

  2. Glad to see a cappuccino can make a trip back to KY! I just bought one in japan and I’m currently waiting for it to be shipped out to me. mine is coming to newport news virginia and I plan on driving it home from the port to ashland ky. I plan on autocrossing it at least once in lexington this year, maybe I will see you there!

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