Cosworth CK V-10 F1 Engines

If you’re going to do an engine swap, why not an F1 engine? Or at least a previous generation F1 engine. It only weighs 95kgs! 835bhp at only 209 pounds is pretty damn sick. That would be lighter than any Nissan RB26 by about 300 pounds. These were used in F1 from 1999-2005 and revved to “only” 18,300rpm. At 3000cc, that’s 278hp/liter – screw VTEC. They are being sold by some racing engine company in the UK and are going for “only” $100,000 used or $130,000 new. For more details, you can click here.

Aside from the fact that I work there, I think it’s cool how a racing engine manufacturer like Cosworth is showing interest in out street car engines. I don’t get to touch anything cool like this, but the pool of knowledge I can tap from is enormously talented. Cool shit.

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