Cycling: Making You Faster In Motorsports



This is the mapping, altitude and speed trace from Strava for the segment in the video.  I managed to hit 37.7mph which I think is a record for me on this stretch.  Having a minivan to draft helps.  You can see where I had to slow down in the corner for the cars ahead.

So far, the fastest I've gone has been 45mph on a downhill.  I'm gear limited to about 40mph or so.  If I thought about it, going 45mph in cycling shorts and a helmet is way different than when I'm fully suited up in my motorcycle gear (full leathers, boots, helmet, gloves, and back protector).  Therefore, I don't think about it.  Ignorance is bliss as they say.




This is video from a set of switchbacks.  With cycling, you can work on your lines through corners just like in a car or on a motorcycle.  Note:  I was checking back about every 5 seconds to make sure there weren't any cars coming up behind me.  There was a fairly stiff headwind coming from the south during this ride.  Notice though the lack of wind noise.  I'm really amazed at how well the windbreakers work because the very first test I did of the Replay camera was on the roof of my car.  Even going 15mph was significant wind noise which masked up the rest of the audio.  So hitting over 30mph with virtually no wind noise is darn impressive.  On the 1080p/30fps mode, one GB of memory gets you 10 minutes of record time.


This is the Strava trace from the switchback section. 


So that's my very basic introduction to cycling.  Cycling and motorsports go hand-in-hand so it should come as no surprise that much of the MotoIQ gang gets in two-wheeled action too.  A lot of guys are into mountain biking and Kojima did some design work for Ibis on their dual suspension mountain bike.  Dave Coleman and Dan Barnes are mountain bikers too.  Check out some of the fleet:


Our overseas correspondent Ellie had this beautiful Bianchi while in Japan.  She logged about 2000km in one summer going around Japan!


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