Cycling: Making You Faster In Motorsports



This is Jeff's road bike.  He's hit around 52-55mph or so.


Land speed racer Chuck got himself a new ride this year.  Negotiating the unpredictable trails helps prepare for those crosswinds across the Salt Flats.


Girl racer Annie has her own off-roading set of wheels.


Just like cars, bikes get specs too.  This is Editor Colin's ride:  2006 Trek Madone 5.5, Full Dura-Ace 7800, Selle Italia SLR Gel Flow saddle, Bontrager cockpit, Shimano WH-R550 training wheels with 23C Continental Ultra Sports.  Because there's still that white stuff on the ground where Colin lives, he got a Kinetic Road Machine indoor trainer.  Remember, competitions are won by how you prepare in the off-season.


Colin putting in some work!  Dangit… now I need to step up my game.

So you want to become a faster and better driver or rider?  Cycling isn't a bad way to go.  You physical endurance will improve.  Your ability to mentally focus while fatigued will improve.  And cycling is fun in itself and it's kinda cool going faster than cars in corners on downhills.  I'll now move onto a small public service announcement.  As a guy who drives, rides motorcycles, and rides bicycles, remember to share the road!  If I'm in the car or on the motorcycle on a narrow road, I typically slow down and give cyclists plenty of space.  If I'm on the bicycle, I get over as far as I can to give the motorized vehicles space to pass.  Also, stop signs apply when I'm on the bicycle too.  I've seen drivers, motorcycle riders, and cyclists all behaving badly.  Don't be that person behaving badly.  Everyone is much happier in life when everyone plays nice on the road.  For those times people do behave badly, it's not a bad idea to have a camera rolling.  Just like the Russians and their dash cams, I think I'll leave the Replay camera rolling all the time while I'm on the bike.

This is the view heading down the home stretch.  

The End





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