Dai Yoshihara and Eneos Oil

I have been working with Dai Yoshihara for 10 years now on an adventure that has taken me all over the world and has gotten me involved in winning stuff as diverse as drifting, road racing, and time attack.  You might only know him as a drifter in Formula D but Dai is actually a very versatile driver who can literally drive anything with a steering wheel well.  Besides Formula Drift, Dai has done well in Super Taikyu endurance racing, The Lamborghini Super Trofeo series and is a driving instructor for Porsche and Lamborghini factory programs.

Last Year, Eneos Oil who is one of Dai’s major sponsors and makers of high-quality lubricants, made a really cool video that shows Dai’s life from a kid to a gas station worker to a pro driver all in 1 minute or so. Shot in California and Japan, it was really cool and it really does show how Dai went from being a kid to liked cars to a touge terror in the Japanese hills to a pro driver.

Sometimes we tease Dai that he is Takumi in Initial D but if you actually know, that is really how Dai was, the genius driver beating greater cars in his Dad’s bone stock AE86 that he snuck out when his Dad was asleep, just that he was discovered and brought to America to drive in the fledgling Formula D series. The rest is history.

Anyway, here is the video, it is short and fun to watch. Amazingly it only has 350 views on YouTube.  Let’s bring that up!

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