Dai Yoshihara’s 2018 Formula Drift Rebuild


Some of the lines going through the car’s interior for the cooling and dry sump system were redone with bulkhead fittings to clean things up and reduce the chances of hose chafing.

Enough space was left around the fittings to allow for A/N wrench clearance for easy removal.


The access holes for the master cylinders and the pedal box were slightly enlarged to speed maintenance and adjustment.

The holes in the firewall that are not used were properly patched up. The seam welding of the front of the car was slightly improved in a few places.

The bearing support for the steering column of the firewall was reinforced.  Here is the other side of the hose bulkhead.
Chris Eimer test fits some of the new sheetmetal as Dai looks on.

Previously, the front sheetmetal was hung via the stock brackets and core support. This was simple when the car was originally built, but to save weight and make things easier to repair, that will all be done away with and the body hung on a tubular structure.


Everything dummy fitted in place awaiting Chis to start fabbing.

Stay tuned! We will continue to cover how our team does with the rebuild as we get to major milestones in the construction. This will all be good for those interested in or building competition cars.



Eimer Engineering

Dai Yoshihara



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