Dead Drift S13

So I rolled in this morning to XS Engineering to pick up some RB26 heads and as I entered the driveway I saw this mangled mess that somewhat resembled a car on a trailer. Examining the car a bit closer, I noticed that it was the KAAZ S13 that they campaigned in Formula D a little while back. I always wondered what happens to dead drift cars.

It was cut apart with either a plasma cutter or a torch. Or maybe both. Definitely not a Sawzall though. I think you can see the car on this page here in its days of glory if you scroll down a bit.

The car was clipped pretty hard in the front, but with a jig it probably could have been fixed properly. But who cares? You can buy an S13 in the states for $500-1500. KAAZ has since built another car, but maybe I’ll see another one cut up like this later this year. Hopefully not…

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