Inside the 4B11T

Here are some quick peeks inside the new EVO X engine. So far the engine is feature packed with all the stuff you want in a stout engine except for the open deck. Or semi-open deck I should say.

4 bolt mains with a block girdle = high block rigidity and main strength. The girdle is not connected to the main caps, but it does bolt to the entire circumference of the block. Perhaps it is not as buff as the Nissan VQ37VHR’s bedplate style main cap/girdle, but quite impressive nonetheless. Rods and crankshaft are forged and look damn nice for OEM components.

Double roller chain = high strength. The oil pump has it’s own chain and housing and instead of the 4G63’s dumb ass front cover oil passage bullshit arrangement.

Volkwagen/Audi/Mazda style trigger wheel on the crank throw. It seems like all the manufacturers are switching to this type of trigger wheel. It makes it a bit more difficult for us crankshaft manufacturers (Cosworth), but no big deal. The odd ball, multi section missing tooth trigger pattern will keep the standalone ECU developers busy. All of this multi-section missing tooth crap is designed for quick starting to reduce emissions. It allows the ECU to sync and start faster . Perhaps EVO owners with AEM ECUs that have to crank the engine for 4 seconds before it starts would appreciate this. HAHAHAH, suckers….

Here you can see the piston cooler jet actually injecting oil into a hollow chamber below the piston’s dish. This keeps the piston cooler so a tighter piston to cylinder wall clearance can be run. I have a piston on my desk and it is a nice piece made by Mahle.

Sorry no critical measurement details. Go buy your own 4B11T. We have much to do with our 2 engines so the work is cut out for us. Cosworth 2.3L coming right up!

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